photo: k.r.i.b

photo: k.r.i.b

HM: Introduce yourself to the readers, who is Daej?

DE: A creative. Before bookworm, musician, painter, fashion designer or entrepreneur, I consider myself a creator/ creative. My name is Daeja Eunique and I am an emotional 19 year old Aquarius from New Orleans, Lousiana. However, I have grown appreciative of being emotional, for I believe it helps be creative.

HM: As a black woman in the fashion industry what can you say is the biggest challenge you face? Any advantages?

DE: As a black woman, I feel that I am already at an advantage within the fashion industry. In 2018 I started facing challenges not necessarily in the fashion industry, but in life itself. I was 4 years into designing, 1 year into entrepreneurship and had made 10k in 24hours at the age of 18. With those numbers, I was no longer Daeja Eunique but Daej. I was viewed as my business, and with that perspective I quickly learned how money changed that. Regular conversations became business conversations, true friendships (or lack thereof) became apparent and it forced me on a solo journey filled with self affirmations. I’m not sure if those problems came with being a black woman, but they did come with me just being Daeja Eunique.

photos: daej

photos: daej

HM: What business plans do you have coming soon?

DE: [Today], I will be announcing my first Travel Daej Business 101 Webinar, inclusive of a venue list & more information. (Tickets available for purchase on the website traveldaej.com.) This webinar will be cover marketing/brand development for young adolescences. The goal of this webinar is to provide relevant solutions for any challenges someone similar in age may be facing in business. A custom Daej notebook will come with every ticket purchase.

As for further in the future, I am currently working on my third “baby". Although my next business venture has yet to be announced, feel free to follow me on social media (Twitter & Instagram) @iamdaej and/or my YouTube channel: Daeja Eunique for constant updates.

HM: What made you get involved in the fashion world?

DE: My mom. Growing up, I was involved in everything from dance, piano, track, volleyball you name it. It never occurred to me that fashion and travel would be apart of my career. I started traveling at age 4, by age 13 I was traveling solo for “nerd camp.” It was on these trips that I in love with my aunts different travel looks. The way they styled their hair paired with a bare face, inspired me. I went from cutting, bleaching & tye-dying thrifted clothing at a young age to creating my own pieces in 2014. That’s when I realized this was where my heart laid. Since then, I’ve participated in New Orleans Fashion Week twice (2015 & 2016) and studied Fashion History abroad in Paris, France. In 2017, due to my grades my mother presented me with an ultimatum of school or fashion. It has now been 2 years since choosing my business, and being encouraged to launch my website.

photos: k.r.i.b

photos: k.r.i.b

HM: Where do you see yourself and your brand(s) a year from now?

DE: A year from now, I will be the youngest black female millionaire in my home city of New Orleans. If my forum is worked properly, I can hit a million revenue mark by the age of 20. This it not a far reach, for I have already achieved 6 figures at the age of 19. This is an exciting goal that I already have in my heart and mind to achieve in the near future.

HM: I see that you travel a lot, do you have any favorite places? And if so, what makes them special to you?

DE: Traveling is my passion, hence my baby Travel Daej. Paris, New York & Atlanta have been my favorite places. They are all special to me for different reasons. Paris is home of all things chic. Being surrounded by fearlessly fabulous people motivates me to wear my wildest ideas, even on regular days. When I think of New York, I think of the city’s fast pace. My career is a reflection of New York, constantly moving parts at a fast pace. Lastly, Atlanta is special to me because there’s representation. Unlike back home in New Orleans, Atlanta is an extremely progressive city. As a black woman, the city motivates me with there being other like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs that look like me.

HM: Are the any other avenues you plan on exploring in the future?

DE: I would love to be a recording artist. Although this is my first public interview saying so, music was my first passion. It would be a dream come true to pursue a music career even if it’s just for fun/music for my ears only.

HM: Where can readers learn more about you and keep with you?

DE: Everyone can keep up with me via social media.

Website: traveldaej.com

Instagram & Twitter